ACaPA (circus) - The Raft

Theaters Tilburg Louis Bouwmeesterplein 1, 5038 TN Tilburg

We depart from a time of eternal presence, of hypnosis without tomorrow. 

We come from the night, the darkness that never leaves us. We appear from a reality that refuses to transform. 

We erupt  from the arrogance of power, the laws too narrow for the "us" that we are.

We beguin from the edges of the world. We emerge from the forests, cities and oceans.

We arised from the bodies that are afflicted by the war, we unfold from reality, from the fight to bring it up to date.

We depart from beliefs and false questions, we leave the mind. 

We depart from every corner of reality where there is a hunger, a thirst for metamorphosis. 

We depart from desire, from invention, from resistance to fear.


Third year students of Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art proudly present their group show in which they connect their circus skills with dance and theatre.

Together they will make a dazzling performance for a wide audience


Directors: Breno Cataeno and Sergi Pares

Students: Maria Madeira; Maria Gabriëlla De Gennaro; Adèle Didelez; Elodie Dubuc; Maya Duedari; Laurence Felber; Stefan Hansen; Lina Isaksson; Solune Laurent; Andréa Martin Lopez; Mar Olivé Nieto; Francesca Orso; Alexandra Raval; Samuel Rhyner; Vanessa Sweekhorst; Sien Van Acker; Theo Zaluski