Poetic Sounds

Theaters Tilburg Louis Bouwmeesterplein 1, 5038 TN Tilburg

Nuno Silva, Floor Bakker and Xavier van de Poll, three students of the MoM and AMPA, offer an evening of contrasting, yet sad music in the Concertzaal Tilburg. The concert starts with the icy calm piece Rauha, written in 2018 by AMPA student Xavier van de Poll. Rauha (Finnish for The Calm or Peace) tells the story of the death and ascension of a young girl who collapses in an unforgivable, icy landscape. Xavier wrote Rauha during the winter of 2018 as his musical tribute to Finnish music, which he holds very dear.
The "glue" and resting point of the evening is the famous Cello Concerto by Robert Schumann, played by Floor Bakker. Schumann had episodes of severe depression and hallucinations, but when writing his Cello Concerto he was in one of the happiest moments he has known in his life. He dedicated the second movement to his wife Clara, whom he loved very deeply.
The last piece will be the Concert Secret, written by conductor and composer Ximo Tarín-Micó. This piece is inspired by the Catalan poet Carles Riba, who fled the Spanish civil war, to live in exile in Montpellier, France. The piece tells his story in an extremely expressive saxophone concerto, written specially for Nuno Silva.
- X. van de Poll, Rauha - for soprano and orchestra (Hanna van Rooijen, soprano)
- R. Schumann,
Cello Concerto in A (Floor Bakker, cello)
- X. Tarín-Micó,
Concert Secret - concerto for saxophone and orchestra (Nuno Silva, alto saxophone)
With a symphony orchestra formed by AMPA and MoM students, conducted by Ximo Tarín-Micó