Rockacademie Graduation Show - Lisa van Nes

013 Poppodium Veemarktstraat 44, 5038 CV Tilburg
Jupilier zaal

Free entry, no need to reserve tickets.

The beauty of Lisa van Nes is one to experience; a jolt to your heart, shivers down your spine, goose bumps on your skin, a meditative state of mind.
Everything resonating to the universal language we call music that goes beyond modern-day restrictions and divides.

This free-spirited young artist lifts up the audience with her warm soulful voice and her groovy fingerpicking guitar flows to create an enchanting combination, leaving her audience glowing with energy.
The music Lisa makes isn’t genre bound; it’s a warm bath to come home to, a subtle wave to sway to, a playful and pure, energetic and vulnerable, honest and raw per-formance that is straight from the heart.

After five years of working on her musical arts at Rock Academy, she is ready to show you the musician she is now, joined by a beautiful variety of musical friends! ♥
The night will consist out of three grad shows, me and two other lovely ladies: Graduation Show | Daphne Horsten and Carlota López Van de Logt!
We invite everyone to come and share the love with us at our graduation show on June 24th!


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